Our Services

We have an expanded business presence that includes many of the skills learned and developed to meet the needs across a broader client base.

Most of the services are interrelated and used to perform tasks for multiple types of projects. For example, proofreading and paralegal services correspond with all real estate practice and land management.

Petroleum Landman

Managing your oil and gas projects giving you the advantage over your competition

Oil and gas processes that would be offered by our services would involve many steps from acquisition to production and completion. including the following:

Field Landman

General land management services are performed out in the field or remotely, and for the benefit of mineral owners or energy companies interested in surface or mineral leasing.

As an experienced professional landman I can help you in the negotiation for the acquirement or divestiture of mineral ownership executory rights. Through diligent courthouse research, I can deliver accurate and reliable title reports. Mineral owners, surface owners, and energy companies use our service for the following:


Provide for the support of my clients in the energy sector and in real estate law practice.

The development of communication skills is key to the many tasks required of a paralegal. The following are just a few of these duties.


Provide support to correct and clarify written content.

Using and developing skills with the English Language and how to broaden one’s vocabulary is paramount in business practices today. To communicate properly in writing with correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting, documents need to undergo the review process. Another set of eyes can prove to be very beneficial.


Managing business and personal accounts to simplify your transactions to give you a snap shot of your financial status.

Our services provide all the necessary experience to maintain good business records to better assist our clients with the information they need to make better business decisions using the following:

Real Estate

Texas licensed agent serving buyers and sellers of real estate.

Once identified as your agent, I will use my title experience to make sure that your transaction moves through the closing process as smoothly as possible.

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